Sick day

Did you go to work on National Sickie Day?

Feb 02, 2015

Today, the first Monday in February is National Sickie Day. According to a Survey, a massive 69% of the nation’s work force said that they would be willing to take today off sick. Last year an estimated 375,000 people called in sick on National Sickie Day, which business advisors ELAS calculated had cost British businesses as much as £34 million in lost productivity.

So what reasons do people have for wanting to call in sick today. For 38% of people it is the weather. Many admit that when it’s dark and cold outside they would just rather stay in bed. Second was genuinely feeling ill and thirdly was a hangover. With dry January over, many people still felt rough after a blow-out pay day weekend.

But what do people actually tell their employers?

While most people would claim that "they’re just ill", other popular excuses that people would give on National Sickie Day are children being off school, bereavement, attending a funeral, that the car has broken down and they’re having to wait for breakdown recovery, having incurred an injury (like sprained ankle or wrist).

Some of the stranger excuses included:

“I’ve accidentally locked myself in the bathroom and I’m having to wait until someone with a key to the house can come round to let me out"; "I’ve accidently sent my uniform to the charity shop so need to go and buy it back"; "my plastic surgery has gone wrong and I need to go and get it fixed"; "I thought it was a bank holiday today and I’m 500 miles away".

Ultimately it seems that with post-Christmas blues and the cold weather staying put, the majority of us would just rather stay in bed!

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