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Fines Given for Tickets on the "Wrong Place" of the Dashboard

Jan 30, 2015

The Telegraph has reported that there has been criticism of NCP car parks who have been accused of giving motorists fines for displaying tickets on the ‘wrong place on the car’s dashboard’. NCP deny this. Either way this may not be seen to be good publicity for a business. The Great British Public have a strong sense of fairness. Is it right to be seen to be taken advantage of?

There are many changes afoot as to what is seen to be right and wrong in relation to road traffic offences. The so called ‘stealth cameras’ are causing a debate at present as the Police and/or the government are being accused of being sneaky when speeding motorists are caught by these unmarked cameras.

If speed cameras are really road safety measures – i.e. they are meant to educate to raise awareness to stop speeding to prevent accidents and injuries; then this is the same kind of fairness that is grabbing the headlines in a similar way. The debate through the media will no doubt continue. It’s what makes us who we are.

Pete Dodd

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