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Social Media - Cause or Effect in the Breakdown of a Relationship?

Jan 21, 2015

A recent survey revealed that divorce lawyers have stated that a high proportion of cases that they deal with involved one party being unhappy with their other half using social media.

This could be for two main reasons. One party can find out about another party being involved with a third party. Comments can be made by one that hurts the other. It’s the very stuff that causes pressure in relationships – that can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

But is social media the cause? If social media is another platform where unhappiness is aired then yes. But is it the effect? Probably not.

Things happen for a reason. Maybe social media acts as a catalyst where couples should not be together anymore and one party feels they have to take the first step – however unpleasant it may be at the time.

Pete Dodd

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Pete Dodd

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