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Stealth Cameras: Coming (if not already) to a Motorway Near You

Jan 19, 2015
Have you noticed little grey cameras appearing on the road networks motorways on gantries and on poles?

If you have then chances are you have spotted the Hedec 3 or ‘Stealth’ speed cameras. Used traditionally on our ‘smart motorways’ – where the speed of the motorway varies as the traffic conditions change, these cameras are being quietly rolled out across the country. Capable of detecting speeds on all lanes (including the hard shoulder) two HD pictures of a cars number plate are sent directly to a central control room where a decision is made whether a driver should be prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit.

No flashes, no road markings and no yellow boxes. Our advice – look at the definition of the word stealth – ‘be cautious in your actions’. You should then have little to worry about.

Pete Dodd

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