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Inappropriate Behavior at the Christmas Party

Jan 06, 2015
A work colleague behaved inappropriately towards me at our office Christmas party. I want to complain to my boss, but as this was outside the office I am not sure there is anything they can do. What should I do? 

Even if your Christmas party was outside of working hours and outside the office, it is still considered 'working time' for employment law purposes. As such, any inappropriate behaviour by a colleague at the party would still be unacceptable and potentially considered as an act of misconduct. 

Therefore, the first step would be to raise a grievance about your colleague's behaviour, which your employer should investigate thoroughly. You should be invited to a grievance meeting to discuss the issue, and receive an outcome of the meeting promptly. Your employer will then have the option to commence disciplinary action against your colleague, depending on the seriousness of their actions. 

If the behaviour towards you amounts to harassment, you could also potentially bring a claim against your employer as they are vicariously liable for their employees' actions. 

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