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Dec 09, 2014

Complaints Matter is a report published by the Care Quality Commission, following their review into complaints in healthcare. The review has found evidence of good practice, but highlights the need to ensure people know how to complaint and their complaints are heard and acted upon. The research has indicated that some patients are dissuaded from complaining because:

  • They worry it will impact on the care (or that of a loved one);
  • They worry they will not be able to find an alternative practitioner (dentist, GP etc);
  • They feel their complaint will not be listened to and acknowledged;
  • The complaints process across the NHS varies and they do not know where to complain or what to expect.

Within NHS complaints CQC’s early analysis suggests that:

  • There is more evidence of good practice than of poor in how acute, community health and mental health NHS trusts respond to and treat people who make complaints. Most positive practice was found where NHS trusts learned lessons from complaints and demonstrated the actions they had taken in response;
  • Patients need to be supported when making a complaint;
  • The timeliness of investigations and people feeling that their complaints had not been taken seriously enough or were adequately addressed were key areas of concern;

The CQC has been developing how it considers complaints handling as part of its inspections of health and adult social care services in England, to make sure people receive care that is safe, effective, caring, responsive to their needs, and well-led. Many patients are not looking for compensation, they want answers and to know that action will be taken to stop mistakes being repeated. 

The clinical negligence team at Nockolds are experienced at raising complaints with the NHS and can help patients to put together a complaint and answer questions on the process. This can be done alongside investigations into a clinical negligence or on it’s own. If you would like to speak to Jennie or a member of her team about concerns you have regarding NHS care or treatment, then please get in touch on 01279 712580 or click here to send you query to Jennie.  

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