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First Time Buyers

Nov 24, 2014

Are you a first time buyer? Then read on...

So, you have finally decided to release yourself from the restrictions of living with your parents and set up on your own. Exciting times! You've not done this before and your parents are little help as the last time they moved was during the punk rock era, so follow us:

  • First thing’s first - you’ll need a good deposit to set you on your way, so if you haven’t started your nest egg yet, be prepared for frugal living while the pennies turn into the pounds.
  • When you’re feeling pleasingly solvent, visit your local bank or building society to see what favourable mortgage terms they can offer you.
  • Now you can start looking online to see what is on offer within your price bracket. You might even want to go down the old-fashioned route and walk into a high street estate agents.
  • You see the property of your dreams, and your offer is accepted. Your dream starts to become reality, but you need to let the agent know which friendly, professional solicitors you would like to use. Happy to help of course! We’re old hands at acting for first timers and appreciate that you will have lots of questions.
  • Once you have provided identification and initial money, we will submit searchers for you and we’ll go through the contract pack to raise enquiries. There are always some... We will let you know if anything crops up as we go along.
  • Make sure your mortgage offer is progressing nicely, so keep in close contact with your broker, and with a bit of luck you’ll find that the search results, replies to enquiries, and the mortgage offer all come in at about the same time (ideal scenario of course). We will report to you on everything and then you can let us have the deposit and signed contract.
  • When we, you, and the lender are happy, you can exchange contracts and set a completion date, and yes, that is the date you will move! Then we request mortgage funds, do final searches and get the balance in from you.
  • On the big day, we let you know when you can collect the keys and move in. Then it’s time to stick on the kettle, sit down on granny’s pre-loved sofa, and put your feet up on an old tea chest. Life doesn't get much better than this! 

Jo Rogers

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