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Lunch Breaks - Do you know what you are entitled to?

Oct 29, 2014
I am just about to start a new job and have been informed that I am only entitled to half an hour lunch break. Is this correct?

The Working Time Regulations cover ‘rest periods’ in the work place. Workers (over 18 years old) are entitled to a 20 minutes uninterrupted rest period where their daily working time is over 6 hours. There is no right to be paid for this period.

Although many employers allow up to an hour for lunch this is in excess of the legal entitlement.

There are different ‘rules’ for young workers who are entitled to a ‘rest break’ of at least 30 minutes where their daily working time is over 4 ½ hours.

There are exclusions from the entitlement to rest breaks for certain types of worker, therefore you should

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