NHS Errors and Mistakes

Oct 17, 2014

Errors and Clinical mistakes cost the NHS £2.5 billion a year.

An independent survey commissioned by the Department of Health indicated that 800,000 patients admitted to hospital in England suffer harm, or experience a preventable incident which causes them to require further treatment and often an extended hospital stay. 

The £2.5 billion estimate includes additional treatment costs and prolonged hospital admissions as well as paying compensation.

mprovements in safety and reducing the occurrence of “avoidable events” would help to reduce this annual bill. More importantly, it would also minimise the harm to patients. The report suggests that a patient developing bed sores will spend an additional 12 days in hospital and accounts for an estimated extra £49 million cost to the NHS. Other avoidable complications include urinary tract infections caused by catheters, blood clots and falls in hospital.

The additional time in hospital also highlights the longer term impact on patients. They will often need additional on-going care in the community and in their homes.

The Department of Health intends to focus NHS staff attention on these four basic avoidable harms to improve standards of care, minimise harm to patients and to reduce this financial cost.

If you would like further advice regarding a hospital error or negligence, then please contact Jennie Jones to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how to raise your complaint and to consider any further action which may be available to you.

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