Less Paper in the Wallet - End of the Paper Tax Disc to be Followed by the End of the Paper Driving Licence

Sep 08, 2014

The DVLA have followed up the end of the paper tax disc in October 2014, with the end of the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence in January 2015.

The counterpart is the paper section which records any penalty points. The removal of this is therefore only possible because alternative provisions have been made for parties such as employers, car hire companies and insurance companies to be able to obtain details of points direct from the DVLA. This is something that has become a hot topic in the commercial vehicle sector as the Traffic Commissioner has for some time insisted that companies should check driving licences, and particularly the points on them, more often  than the previous once a year. My advice to commercial operators is to check every 3 months. The onus is very much now on the employer as they will not be able to rely on telling a driver to bring the licence in. The truth is that many drivers have been known to have a licence that is not handed into the court to receive points, that is then shown to employers and insurance companies. Clear fraud is something which should not now be possible as the information on convictions will come from the horses mouth… the DVLA.

For the regular driver it saves any embarrassment in getting the insurance proposal form incorrect and facing a lack of cover after an accident. It is also one less piece of paper to lose in the back of “that kitchen draw” or to fall apart in the back of a wallet. 

Pete Dodd

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