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Family Courts in Crisis and the Lack of Fairness for the Public

Sep 03, 2014
Due to the changes in funding in and out of the court service, the Commons Justice Committee held a meeting today whereby it was concluded by lawyers that unrepresented parties are not getting fair hearings. There is also a worrying growth of commercial McKenzie friends - unqualified, untrained and unregulated advisers who owe no professional duty to the court and who charge a party for representation.

There is little that can be done about the withdrawal of public funding for legal aid for those most in need and the serious funding cuts to court budgets that appear to be continuing. This has led to a lack of balance for one party that does not seek advice from family lawyers. There is also a view that parties (or consumers as the government like to call them) are being charged money by people that may appear to be well meaning but who lack technical experience.

Family lawyers are used to dealing with the law, judges and people who need guidance at what can be a very distressing time. Family solicitors are committed to resolving disputes in a non confrontational way. We believe that matters should be dealt with in a constructive way designed to preserve people’s dignity and to encourage agreements. Take advice from a professional. We know what we are doing and are here to help.

Pete Dodd

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