Are you entitled to be paid for extra time you spend at work?

Jul 10, 2014

Case Study: I work shifts from 10am to 4pm, and I only get paid for these hours. My manager regularly gives me work to do which cannot be finished by 4pm, and I often end up staying until 6 or 7pm to finish it. Am I entitled to be paid for this extra time I am spending at work?

This really depends on your contract of employment. Your contract may state that you are entitled to overtime, and if so, it should give the rate at which overtime is payable.

However, alternatively there is possibly a clause in your contract which states that you will be required to work such additional hours as necessary to meet the needs of the business, and that such hours will not entitle you to payment of overtime or time off in lieu. If this is the case, it is unlikely that you will be entitled to any additional work you carry out beyond your contractual hours.

Unless you have signed a suitable ‘Opt Out’ agreement, you should not be working in excess of 48 hours per week (over a 7 day period) as this is a breach of the Working Time Regulations. I would therefore advise keeping a record of all hours you are working and if the hours are becoming excessive, you should raise this issue with your manager.

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