Low cost divorce managed by students at all ‘justice retailers’ near (ish) you

Jun 19, 2014

It has recently been announced that the government are (presumably) looking to curb the criticism of the cuts in funding all around in the justice system to help divorcing couples by having their (no doubt painful) separation managed by students.

The government has scored an own goal by cutting legal aid and trying to encourage people not to come to the courts by raising court fees and forcing them to attend mediation. This has had the result that the public (who pay for the courts) cannot afford the fees and/or if they attend court (if mediation does not work – if they were not angry before – they will be when they get to court) then they cannot ‘afford’ representation. As a consequence the court lists are full of people acting in person. This has caused a huge backlog because of pressure on administration and judicial time.

The answer – let’s get in some students to deal with separating couples who mostly have children. No doubt they all have the professional skills involved in managing a couple in emotional turmoil when they are getting up to speed with the new edition of the family law bible (The Family Court Practice 2014) – after all it’s a somewhat quick read – over 3000 pages .  

A thought. You can read a Haynes manual and then attempt to fix your car. Feeling confident in driving that car at 70 mph? Would you not want to go to a trained professional mechanic and trust your car when you go on the road? You get what you pay for. Is it acceptable for the government to behave like this? If the government scrap MOT’s to save money are we not heading for another almighty crash?

Pete Dodd

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