Driver CPC - it is now or never!

Mar 11, 2014
The concept of Transport managers having to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport management is familiar to most.

However the “driver CPC” is a more recent invention. For those drivers who have held a HGV (LGV) driving licence for a few years the critical date is 10 September this year.

For those who have passed the HGV test since 2009 however the legislation is already in force. We have just seen the first conviction for a driver who had a HGV licence but had not completed his vocational training (CPC). If you and or your drivers have not started driver CPC course now is the time to act, By August expect the course providers to be fully booked with last minutes panic’s and by October expect the DVSA (previously known as the DSA and Vosa) to be having rich pickings in drivers who over night lose their entitlement to drive LGV’s. I suspect driver agencies rates might go up!

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