We’re all Going (driving) on a Summer Holiday…

Sep 06, 2013

Or so the song goes, lets all hope we are able to drive back again!

Over the years that I have been dealing in road traffic cases I have been asked to help out on a number of occasions where driver have got into difficulties whilst driving in other countries. Crazy as it sounds you only need to travel into Scotland to go out of the area where I can act as a Solicitor. Scottish traffic law is the same as England and Wales, the court procedure however if very different.

Back you go at your expense
This can mean for example that a police officer comes to your door to hand you a document, or indeed that you are required to attend court in person in a situation where in England and Wales you would simply plead guilty by post. The cost of travel back to the court can make it a very expensive holiday……and no it can’t be sent to your local court (the number 1 question in these cases).

The other downside to getting into problems in Scotland is that despite the different legal systems it’s the same driving licence! If you receive a ban in Scotland you are banned in England and Wales as well.

If you get into legal difficulties we will still try to help by pointing you in the right direction for the country that it has happened in, England and Wales we should be your first call, I hear Snowdonia is nice and I can recommend the court room on Anglesey!

Pete Dodd

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