When is a Mobile not a Mobile Phone

Jul 17, 2013

When the law states that using a mobile phone whilst driving is an offence! There is basic misunderstanding that the law relates only to mobile phones, texting and making calls. The legislation refers to “hand held mobile communication devices” as well as phones.

Car manufacturers do build cars for a target market, small cars are now coming with the capability to link with modern mp3 music player such as the various apple devices. The trouble is the blue tooth, or cable link, to the cars built in stereo system is all very good but if you pick the device up to select your music, you are using a hand held mobile communication device without ever making a call! 3 points and £60 later!

The answer is a £2.99 cradle that sticks to the windscreen, if the device can be operated without holding it in your hand it stops being a hand held mobile communication device. Trendy car brands such as Mini have a docking station so the device is completely hidden in the armrest, the  itouch, iphone (and similar) music selector then appears on the cars own control screen. Entertainment devices develop faster than cars develop, or new ones are purchased, drivers need to be aware to avoid penalty points and a fine. 

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