White Van Man In The Sights

Jun 28, 2013

Unfortunately this equally applies to red, green and blue van man, and women.

VOSA (the government agency responsible for MOT testing and enforcement) keep statistics relating to failures at presentation for MOT test and the result of roadside checks for roadworthiness and not being overloaded.

The figures are unimpressive for vehicles in the less well regulated sector of vehicles which do not require an operators licence, that is vehicles that when fully loaded are allowed to weigh 3500kgs, the obvious example being the “Transit Van” type of vehicle.

  • Half the vehicles in this category fail the MOT when presented for test, the implication being that the vehicle was being driven for at least part of the year with a fault that would have failed the MOT and may well have been dangerous.
  • This type of vehicle is involved in twice as many reported accidents as larger goods vehicle in the “regulated” sector, the implication being that drivers working on an “ordinary” car licence are less professional in the way they drive.
  • The worst figure however is for loading, 75 % of vehicles in this class weighed by VOSA at the roadside were overweight.

Whilst the overweight figure is misleading because VOSA generally would not stop a smaller vehicle to weigh it unless it looked overweight and experience tells me it is not difficult to spot an overweight transit van, the question is more why did they weigh the 25% that were not overweight?

The result is that following what would appear to be justified moans from haulage companies VOSA will be targeting smaller vans………….you have been warned. If you need assistance with strategies to keep your fleet legal and out of VOSA’s sights call our Motoring, Regulatory and Transport Team at Nockolds.

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