What To Do If Your Car Is Detected By A Speed Camera

Jun 28, 2013

If anyone was in any doubt about what to do if your car is detected by a speed camera then the very high profile fall from grace of Chris Huhne and Vicky Price that has just been played out in Southwark Crown Court has to provide at least part of the answer.

The worst possible option for both parties is nominating someone who wasn’t the driver. It is reported that Chris Huhne already had 9 points at the time and the risk of a ban appears to be the motivating factor for the offence before the court. Mr Huhne did not face an inevitable ban when he arrived at 12 points as he was always able to advance an exceptional hardship argument which might have allowed him to continue to drive despite the 12 points. It is difficult to understand why someone in his position was not able to obtain specialist legal advice and representation.

It is ironic that had he been driving his wife’s car she would have only faced a fine and 6 points for not responding to the notice. Indeed had it been a company car the likely outcome would have been a hefty fine but no points at all, simply because a company can’t have a driving licence. Either would have been a better outcome than what appears to be the likely outcome of a period in custody.

Sometimes some expert advice early on is money well spent!

Pete Dodd

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