Photo Card Driving Licences Not Just a Pretty Face

Jun 28, 2013

The point that was missed by many when applying for a photo card, either voluntarily or because of some change to their licence is that the licence, unlike the old licence which was valid until the day before your seventieth birthday, is only valid for ten years.

The DVLA do send out reminders in the form of a paper application form which has with it the option in certain circumstances to renew online. This relies on the recently introduced link between the passport office records for passports with chips and the DVLA computer system allowing the passport photograph to be used on a driving licence.

There are some pieces of mis-information floating about:

  • It is an offence to drive with an expired driving licence, where you are entitled to a licence, but simply have not applied for it, you would not normally receive any points.
  • Your insurance policy will normally still cover you, you do need to check the wording! It normally reads “the policyholder is covered to drive as long as he/she holds, or has held and is not disqualified from obtaining a driving licence." Someone with an expired licence falling into the second category.

It is however far better to renew on time, where it normally goes wrong is where a licence holder has forgotten to notify a change of address and the reminder is not received.

Please be aware that not all Police Officers understand the provisions relating to insurance and expired licences and in any event you do risk having your vehicle taken away by the police (the cost of which you will have to pay) for no driving licence and no insurance offences. If you inadvertently find yourself in this position contact the motoring team at Nockolds, there is a risk that your car will be crushed if you are not able to collect it within the time allowed.

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