Manchester United Seem To Have Their Fair Share Of Motoring Cases

Jun 28, 2013

It seems that Manchester City players are also getting in on the act with Carlos Tevez. I can not comment on the current offence for which he is on bail, but the convictions which led to the disqualification as they are reported are a warning.

It would appear that the dreaded notice under section 172 (a requirement to identify the driver) landed on the mat and was ignored. The trouble is that whilst speeding at a low level carries 3 points, failing to give the information carries 6. In this field however points don’t make prizes, in the case of 12, they make a 6 month ban! Two ignored notices can have you off the road for 6 months.

Even if the speeds were high (and I do not know that this was the case here) a typical ban would be for between 7 and 56 days, not the six months imposed for totting up to 12.

There also appears to be another current hot issue, the court, up until 3 or 4 years ago were very reluctant to disqualify a defendant who did not attend court. With the dramatic increase in points from cameras the court appears now to be unwilling to clog up with repeated attempts to get someone to attend and they are simply imposing the ban anyway. The issue is that as Driving whilst disqualified is a strict liability offence, you would still be guilty even though you didn’t know the court had banned you.

If you find out about a disqualification from proceedings you did not know about it can be unpicked but do not drive until the court has set aside the conviction.

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