Dealing With Traffic Cases

Jun 28, 2013

Dealing with traffic cases day to day I regularly hear the cry that speed cameras are just cash collecting machines.

To be fair I don’t agree in respect of speed cameras, there was to some extent a backlash to speed camera enforcement that led to sites being dropped where they were away from locations with a history of serious accidents. A couple I can think of that were towards the ends of fast straights with no junctions, clearly there as it would be expected to have a high “collection rate”, these have now gone.

Panorama however have hit upon the stronger anti camera enforcement point. I have come across this before. In one location I am aware of there is a service yard which has a barrier with a security man. Typically a queue builds up, traffic turning right into the yard would have to wait in the middle of the road blocking it to buses on the bus route. In my view sensibly, delivery drivers pull up to the side of the road until they can turn in, allowing buses to pass. What they don’t see is the CCTV camera, without the “CAUGHT YOU” flash of a speed camera, being monitored in the council offices, that results in a ticket for stopping on the yellow lines!! Technically correct if there are no waiting kerb markings but in my view morally robbery of those trying to do the right thing in a bad situation. The council know most delivery firms will simply pay as there are no penalty points involved. I did hear unconfirmed reports of shops offering to pay the tickets in order to get deliveries at sensible times of day, a tax?

Pete Dodd

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