English Legal Advice for Spanish Speaking Clients


We assist our Spanish speaking clients in dealing with English law issues, whether they are personal or related to their business. We recognise that outcome and the personal experience of the client are significantly enhanced when they have the ability to communicate fully in their native language whilst dealing with ‘foreign’ law concepts.

For that reason, we deliver English legal advice in Spanish so you can be reassured that you fully understand the legal requirements to achieve your goals in England. Our firm has dedicated legal experts who focus on providing advice for you and your business. We can guide you through the process of setting up or expanding your business in England as well as assisting you in relation to property, family, employment, litigation and contractual matters. 

If your business is based in Spain but you have clients in England, we can offer you general advice on English commercial matters. We can also assist you in relation to the recovery of debts in England, the registration and enforcement of Spanish judgments and generally protect your interest in commercial litigation disputes. 

Within our comprehensive legal services, we also provide legal and official translations for all your business and personal requirements. This is especially pertinent where a legal document from one country is needed to be used in another. Having an in-house Sworn Official Translator of Spanish and English, we ensure that we can proceed very quickly when there are sensitive deadlines. 

To summarise, we can provide advise and representation on:

  • English law including property, family, employment and contractual matters
  • Debt recovery in England
  • Registration and enforcement of foreign judgments in England, specially when Spanish is the used language
  • Litigation in England from its commencement to enforcement
  • Official translation service for any Spanish documents that need to be used in England
For more information on how we can help you, please contact a member of our International Law Team on 01279 755777, or contact Lynn Cowley, Head of our International Law Team.
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