Business Disputes in Spain


Our International department provides a seamless transition in resolving problems encompassing the Spanish and English legal systems. We can do this because of our language skills, cultural knowledge and legal expertise. 

We can assist you with cross-border dispute resolution and litigation issues relating to your business. We are able to recover debt and enforce judgments with an international element. Our particular specialism is in Spanish legal matters.

When instructed in relation to the recovery of a debt in Spain, we always commence by tracing the debtor and his/her Spanish assets so we can consider the chances of success with our client. If we agree to proceed but the debtor fails to make a payment proposal to resolve the matter amicably, we start legal proceedings in Spain. Once we have obtained a favourable judgment, we choose the method of enforcement in accordance with the circumstances of the debtor. 

If you have already obtained an English judgment but the debtor has no assets in England, we can find out if he/she owns property in Spain. We can then register and enforce the English judgment against the Spanish property by way of the European Enforcement Order if the English claim was uncontested, or by way of the Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 if the debtor disputed the claim in England.

As part of our service we are able to provide a wide range of legal and official translations for all your business requirements. This ranges from documents relating to dispute resolution matters, including contracts and agreements, judgments and many more. In addition, our Notarial Department can certify any document you need when dealing with overseas matters. 

To summarise, we can provide advise and representation on:

  • Debt recovery in Spain
  • Spanish business issues
  • Registration and enforcement of English judgments in Spain
  • Dealing with businesses, courts and local authorities in Spain 
  • Litigation in Spain from its commencement to enforcement
  • Spanish documentation, contracts, disputes
  • Official translation service for any English documents that need to be used in Spanish speaking countries 

For more information on how we can help you, please contact a member of our International Law Team on 01279 755777, or contact Lynn Cowley, Head of our International Law Team.

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