Representation at Public Inquiries


Our specialist road transport solicitors are able to assist individuals and organisations called to attend Public Inquiries for disciplinary matters or contested applications for new or varied operator licences. 

What is a Public Inquiry?

A Public Inquiry is a hearing in which evidence may be called to help the Traffic Commissioner reach a decision in respect of:

  • Applications to vary existing operator licenses
  • New operator licence applications
  • Operators and Transport Managers alleged to have breached road transport rules (e.g. vehicle maintenance or driver’s hour’s infringements).

If you are asked to attend a Public Inquiry, you will receive a ‘call-in’ letter from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner setting out the issues to be addressed and identifying any information needed to assist with the Inquiry. 

The Outcome

In the case of a new licence or variation to a current licence, the Traffic Commissioner will decide whether to grant or refuse the application and/or whether conditions should be attached.
In disciplinary cases, the Traffic Commissioner can order:

  • Curtailment – Limiting the number of vehicles that are able to operate
  • Revocation – Permanently removing an operator’s licence to operate commercial vehicles 
  • Suspension – Temporarily stopping operations for a specified period

The Traffic Commissioner can also disqualify Directors, Transport Managers and Drivers from the operation of an Operator's Licence or Large Goods Vehicle. 

How We Can Help

A public inquiry can have serious commercial and financial implications. Representation from a specialist solicitor will help you identify what needs to be done and can increase your chances of a positive outcome.

For more information on Public Inquiries and how we can help, please contact our Motoring, Crime and Regulatory Team on 01279 755777

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