Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery
Nockolds’ Debt Recovery Team has extensive experience and expertise in helping clients to recover unpaid debts. The ‘Credit Crunch’ and general economic downturn over recent years has caused significant problems for many companies and, in particular, small businesses. Never before has it been so important for businesses to keep on top of cash flow and have effective credit control measures in place. 

We are able to advise clients regarding implementation of good credit control systems, write to debtors requesting payment of overdue invoices and, where necessary, issue proceedings against them at court and take steps to enforce a County Court Judgment (CCJ). Our team also has significant experience in dealing with recovery of debts from debtors outside of England and Wales. 

 Our Debt Recovery team can assist you with: 
  • Tracing the debtor - It is essential to ensure that your debtor is correctly identified. If legal action becomes necessary then your claim at court must be issued against the correct individual or company and served on them at a valid address. If you are uncertain of the identity or location of your debtor you can instruct us to appoint a tracing agent on your behalf.
  • Issue letters before action - When debtors fail to respond to your requests for payment, then a well-targeted letter from a solicitor may result in payment without the need for any further action. We will send a personalised letter to your debtor on a fixed fee basis.
  • Issue claims at court - If further action becomes necessary, we offer an efficient and cost-effective fixed fee service for preparing and issuing your claim and obtaining Judgment against the debtor.
  • Judgment enforcement - On successfully obtaining a judgment against your debtor, we will advise you on the best method of enforcement. 
  • Statutory demands, Bankruptcy, Petitions and winding up petitions - Is the debt over £5,000? If so we can prepare and arrange service of statutory demands based on your invoices or on the judgment obtained against your debtor. If payment is not made by your debtor following the service of a statutory demand, we can advise on the insolvency process and the issue of a bankruptcy petition (individuals) or a winding-up petition (companies). 
For further information on Debt Recovery and to find out how we can help you, please contact our Debt Recovery Team on 01279 755777 or get in touch with James Brunton, Head of our Debt Recovery Team.
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