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Complaints arise in all businesses and in every industry. May businesses strive to ensure their customers (or clients) are satisfied and continue to return to them in the future. When concerns are raised these can often be resolved by discussing the concern, and the business is able to address the issues and put right what has gone wrong. 

Sometimes a resolution cannot be found and the complaint can escalate. Whether in a regulated sector or not, the escalation of complaints can be time consuming, distracting and costly. They can end up in court proceedings or a referral to a regulatory body. In this age of social media, a dissatisfied client can now share their complaint instantly, with thousands rather than just close friends and family. 

In July 2015 the EU ADR directive also came into force, requiring an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme to be available to all consumers in a consumer-business transaction. The directive does not dictate what form ADR should take and different sectors will benefit from different forms of ADR. 

Nockolds specialises in mediation based complaint resolution. This is found to be incredibly effective when resolving complaints with:

  • Highly emotive issues
  • Imbalance of knowledge between the consumer and those delivering a service, where communication can become strained
  • Lower financial issues with benefit from swift and effective resolution.

In certain sectors an industry wide ADR scheme can or has been established. Where a sector wide scheme is not available, businesses or groups may prefer to establish their own bespoke service. 

Nockolds currently delivers:

  • Optical Consumer Complaints Service for the UK optical sector since 1 April, funded by the General Optical Council
  • Veterinary Client Mediation Service, a trial service from 3 October 2016 funded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

We can also assist individual businesses (such as legal practices) with complaint handling procedures, responses and training. 

An important element of the service provided by Nockolds’ Complaint Mediation is the trend analysis and insight sharing. By learning from complaint trends, businesses can turn complaints into a positive tool to improve service, benefiting consumer relationships and ultimately profitability.

For more information on Nockolds’ Complaint Mediation services, please contact a Jennie Jones by email, or call 01279 755777.

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