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Family Mediation: Finances

Zen met with a separating couple who wanted help to resolve the finances of their marriage. The finances involved several properties, business and pensions. The first step of mediation is dealing with financial disclosure. It is important for each person to have evidence of the finances from the other person, and for each person’s lawyer to have the information they need to give proper advice before any negotiation in mediation takes place.

Zen involved each person’s solicitor in dealing with whether the business needed to be valued, by whom, and what information the valuer needed to provide. With the pensions, again the parties involved their solicitors to decide what valuation was needed, who would carry it out, and what information was needed.  

Once disclosure had taken place, each person was able to take independent legal advice before making proposals in mediation, which Zen helped them to look at. These were narrowed down in mediation to one option which was acceptable to both, realistic, achievable and workable. Zen reality-tested the option to make sure it was specific, measurable, attainable, related to the issues, and time-bound.

Zen Thompson

About the author

Zen Thompson

Zen joined Nockolds in 2015 and is a Solicitor, Mediator and Arbitrator in our Family Team. Zen has specialised in family cases in Hertfordshire and ...

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