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A Grant of Probate is the legal document which confirms the authority of “Executors” to wind up the estate of someone who has died. The authority comes from a Will which names the Executors. We assist Executors to gather the appropriate information and prepare the ‘Probate papers’ to obtain the Grant, including all the forms required by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This includes calculating whether Inheritance Tax is payable and making sure that all appropriate exemptions and reliefs are claimed.

Once Probate is obtained, we can deal with all aspects of estate administration including collecting the assets and making payment of tax, debts, legacies and distributions to those left money or other gifts in the Will.

Where there is no Will (intestacy), we help our clients to obtain “Letters of Administration” (a little bit like a Grant of Probate) and assist families of the deceased with the estate administration including identifying and locating those entitled to a share in the estate.

Our Estate Administration Services include the preparation of Estate Accounts (which detail all the financial transactions during the administration) and regular progress reports to the Executors/ Administrators. Additionally we can deal with finalising the deceased’s income tax affairs to the date of death and advise on the tax position of beneficiaries.

We offer sensitive and practical assistance following bereavement both where the deceased had a Will and where they died intestate.

If you would like advice on any aspect of Probate and Estate Administration, please contact our Wills and Probate Team on 01279 755777 or get in touch with Peter King, Partner in our Wills and Probate Department. 

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