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Work related illnesses generally fall into several categories as follows:
  • Respiratory diseases or cancers, usually due to working with dangerous substances without proper respiratory equipment or within a poorly ventilated work place.
  • Skin diseases such as dermatitis resulting from working with dangerous substances without proper protective equipment.
  • Repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow as a result of repetitive work without proper training or monitoring.
  • Vibration injuries such as vibration white finger that result from using certain types of machinery or vehicles (tractors)
  • Stress at work and psychological injury from bullying or harassment.
In the past 10 years, the law has also recognised the psychological illnesses that may be caused by the workplace. In order to pursue a claim, an employer must be found to have failed to provide an employee with a safe system of work, which has then caused a recognised psychological illness. This can include post traumatic stress/syndrome, anxiety and adjustment disorders.

In these claims, we will need to gather medical opinion to confirm the diagnosis and then to link this to problems at work. We can instruct an independent medical expert to provide this and investigate your circumstances.

These illnesses can have life changing consequences. You may be unable to work or return to your previous job, and in some situations the illness may be life threatening.

Your employer has a duty to protect you against any form of short or long term injury. If you believe that your illness is work related, you could claim compensation. Your appointed solicitor will need to prove that your employer was negligent by failing to provide you with a safe working environment or proper training.
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