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Official Translation - Notarial Certificate

Our clients needed the official translation of a notarial certificate into Spanish. The Notarial Certificate prepared by one of our in-house Notaries indicates the relevant particulars of the company. Our Notary had carried out the necessary research regarding the company's data to prepare the Certificate. 

A Notarial Certificate issued by a British Notary Public is very different from a Notarial Certificate issued by a Spanish Notary because the notarial formalities in the English and Spanish legal systems differ a lot.

The Spanish Authorities accepted the Notarial Certificate and its official translation and the outcome was very successful for our clients who registered the company in Spain and opened a Spanish bank account.

Our Notarial Department and Official Translator work very closely and successfully to achieve our clients' best interests.

Dalila Segador

About the author

Dalila Segador

Dalila joined Nockolds in 2005 and is a Legal and Sworn Official Translator in our International Team. Before joining the firm, Dalila graduated with a ...

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