Dalila is a member of our International Law

Team and undertakes official and legal translations of

a variety of documents for English and Spanish

speaking countries

Dalila Segador

Legal and Official Translator

Dalila joined Nockolds in 2005 and is a Legal and Sworn Official Translator in our International Team. Before joining the firm, Dalila graduated with a master’s degree in Legal, Economic and Official Translation from University of Granada in Spain. Dalila is also a graduate in Modern Languages and American Studies from University of Northumbria in Newcastle.

Dalila was appointed Sworn Official Translator of Spanish and English (Certification no. 3674) by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation in January 2003.

Dalila produces sworn translations which are the official certified translations of documents which need to serve as legally valid instruments in English and Spanish speaking countries. Sworn translations hold the same validity held by the original documents in the country in which they were first issued. Dalila undertakes official and legal translations of a wide variety of documents including contracts, certificates, decrees, wills, notarial deeds, judgements, police and administrative documents and any other legal documents to be recognised in English and Spanish speaking countries.

In her capacity as Sworn Official Translator, Dalila, in practice, acts as a notary, attesting that the translated document is faithful to the original.