Employment Training - Flexible Working Request September 2017

Employment Training: Flexible Working Requests/Family Leave Rights

Date: Tuesday 12 September 2017 8:30 - 11:30
Venue: 6 Market Square, Bishop's Stortford, CM23 3UZ, England
Cost: £48 (inc. VAT)

This course will be of particular interest to HR professionals, Directors, Managers and those with responsibility for managing employee’s hours of work and planned leave. It will be a complete guide to the law of flexible working and family leave rights and therefore suitable as an introduction for those new to dealing with such requests as well as for those wishing to refresh and update their knowledge of this ever changing area of law. 

Now that all employees have the right to apply for flexible working, employers may well have seen an increase in such requests. Likewise, shared parental leave was also introduced last year allowing parents to share what would otherwise have been the Mother’s maternity leave period. 

Other types of family leave are available, including time off to care for a dependent and parental leave. Complex rules apply to each type of leave and employers have different legal obligations and procedures that must be followed when dealing with such requests. 

At this training session we will explain:  

  • The law relating to flexible working and the different types of flexible working patterns that might be requested; 
  • How to handle flexible working requests including the ACAS Code of Practice, and the risks of discrimination claims as well as the pros and cons of accepting or refusing a request; 
  • The right to Shared Parental Leave, notice requirements, how to deal with a request and the risk of having a different enhanced pay scheme for men and women; 
  • The right to time off to care for a dependent and how this differs from unpaid time off for parental leave and when both types of leave must be offered.  

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