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Employment Training - Equal Pay and Gender Pay Reporting (London)

Date: Thursday 20 April 2017 9:00 - 12:00
Venue: Nockolds Solicitors, 46 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JH, England
Cost: £40 +VAT

In April 2017 businesses will be faced with one of the biggest changes to employment law in recent years – Gender Pay Reporting. Contrary to popular belief, gender pay is not the same as equal pay, which prohibits men and women being paid differently for the same work. 

This training course will cover a detailed explanation of the new gender pay reporting obligations including:  

  • What the gender pay gap is
  • The gender pay information that must be published
  • How the gender pay gap is calculated
  • Who and what to include in the calculation 
  • Best practice tips on how to present the information 
  • Preparations to make now to prepare for the new rules
  • The financial and reputational damage that could result from failing to prepare
  • What can be done to tackle a gender pay gap

We will also explore the law surrounding equal pay including: 

  • What equal pay is 
  • What a claim for equal pay is and any applicable exceptions and defences 
  • When an equal pay audit can be ordered 
  • When a voluntary equal pay audit might be beneficial 
  • Penalties for failing to pay equally within an organisation 

The course will be of interest to HR professionals and those with responsibility for managing payroll and financial information who may be called upon to produce pay and employee information for either type of calculation. 

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