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What is Completion?

Completion is the day you move and the ownership of the property passes to the buyer who is entitled to occupation and the keys. Completion is the day the money is paid by the buyer and becomes available to you.


This is the day you must move out of the property if it is not already vacant. Although there is no law as to exactly when completion takes place you should aim to be out of the property by 1pm. You must clear the property of all items not included in the sale price or being sold as extras. Normally the keys are left with the estate agents and only released to the buyer when we have confirmed that we have received the monies from the buyer’s solicitors. You can arrange to hand over the keys directly if you prefer but you should not do this until we tell you that completion has taken place.

Unfortunately there are frequently delays in the transfer of money especially if there is a long chain, so never count on anything being done by a particular time.

After Completion

On completion we will pay off all the mortgages secured on the property; pay the estate agents (unless you have instructed us not to) and account to you with the net sale proceeds. The title documents will be sent to the buyer’s solicitors together with the Transfer and, when received from your lender, evidence that your mortgage has been paid off. 

You should remember to cancel buildings insurance and any direct debit payments to your lender. 
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