Getting Started

Preliminary Deposit

You should not pay any deposit to an Estate Agent or developer without speaking to us first. 


We consider you should always have a survey of the property - no matter how new or perfect the property looks. 

If you are obtaining a mortgage your Lender will insist on a valuation report. Its purpose is to see that the property is worth enough for the Lender to make a loan against it. It is a valuation, not a survey, and will not reveal all or any defects in a property.

We recommend you should have a structural survey or building report. 
Although there are limitations the Surveyor will make a detailed inspection of the property and investigate problems which come to his attention. 

The Chain

Some sales and purposes involve separate properties in a chain of development transactions. 

The length of the chain may vary but the object of all those involved is to make sure that all contracts in the chain are exchanged at the same time, with the completion date, so that all parties can move on the same day. The money paid by the first buyer in the chain is passed down the chain to provide the money for all the subsequent transactions, supplemented by mortgage or other money on the way. 

As a result every person in the chain has to be ready to exchange contracts, before contracts can be exchanged by any one. This may take time, and the delay can be frustrating to all. 

What happens next... 'The Exchange'


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