Key and House

Completion Day

This is the day you move. Although there is no law as to exactly when completion takes place, if you are selling you should aim to be out of your old home by 1pm. You would similarly not expect to be in your new home by that time. 

Unfortunately there are frequently delays in the transfer of money especially if there is a long chain, so never count on doing anything by a particular time. 

If you are buying a new property the builder may not allow you access to the property until the money is received in the builder’s bank account. This may take some time and you may find you are waiting to move in until the money arrives. 

After Completion

Following completion we will pay the Stamp Duty and Land Tax, and register the transaction at the Land Registry. We will let you know when this has been completed and we will send you any relevant title documents. It is very important that you keep such documents in a safe place as they will be needed when you sell the property. 

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